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10, 25, 50 Kg PP Bag / According to buyer requirement

Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seed is a biennial, aromatic, stout, glabrous, 1.5 to 1.8 Mtr
high. The ripe fruit (seed) is small, oblong, cylindrical,
6.8mm long, straight or slightly curved, greenish yellow,
deeply furrowed, 5 ridged and having agreeable aroma.
It is a native of Europe and Asia Minor. It is cultivated
extensively in Northern India as a cold weather crop.
It comes up well in fairly mild climate. The dry and cold
weather favours high seed production. Prolonged
cloudy weather at the time of flowering is conducive to
diseases and pests.


Foreign Names of Fennel Seed:-
Spanish : Hinojo, French : Fenouil, German : Fenchel, Swedish : Fankal, Arabic : Shamar, Dutch : Venkel,
Italian : Finocchio, Portuguese : Funcho, Russian : Fyenkhel, Japanese : Uikyo, Chinese : Hui-Hsiang